Grooming Technician in Training, Petsense

Overall Job Summary

This position is responsible for enrolling & completing the training course Level 1 provided by Petsense, “Paragon,” in preparation for a career in grooming and/or bathing.  

 Paragon is a virtual distant learning program where students are guided through a 15-week training program designed to educate students on the fundamentals in bathing and grooming, while also providing the necessary basic skills in safety, pet first aid and CPR, pet handling skills, dog anatomy and dog physiology. This is achieved through a combination of hands-on practice, book work, online exams, watching videos and submitting photos of practical application for grading. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Min 5%)

1.    Maintain regular and predictable attendance.
2.    Work scheduled shifts and have the ability to work varied hours, days, nights, weekends and overtime as dictated by business needs.
3.    Take the initiative to support selling initiatives (TEAM):
        •    Thank the Customer
        •    Engage with the customer and/or pet
        •    Advise products or services
        •    Make it Memorable
4.    Groom Technicians in Training are required to learn & perform a combination of the following duties throughout their training program. Although daily tasks may vary day to day, our business and staffing model makes it essential every Groom Technicians in Training should be able to perform all fo the following duties accurately, efficiently, and safely on a regular basis and without advance notice:
    •    Successfully enroll & complete the Paragon training for Level 1 (Groom Tech) by the required timeline of five weeks. 
        Safe Pet Handling
        Bathing, Drying, Brushing and Combing all coat types
        Nail Trimming
        Ear Cleaning 
        Preparatory Hair Trimming
        Basic Clipper Techniques
        Basic Finishing Techniques
        Customer Service Skills
        Demonstrating Professionalism
        Equipment Handling and Maintenance
    •    Ensures the safety and well-being of animals
    •    Inspects animals for external signs of parasites, disease or injury and reports findings to pet owners.
    •    Practice Safety and Sanitization protocols
    •    Sanitizes and maintains upkeep of all grooming tools and equipment to eliminates injury and spread of diseases to other pet clients.
    •    Assists in generating business by calling existing and new customers, scheduling appointments, follow-up phone calls and reminders to customers, and verifying vaccinations.
    •    Maintains records of all pet clients to include services provided and vaccination records.
    •    Operate computer as needed.
    •    Recovery of store, if needed.
    •    Ensure the safety and well-being of live animals. Sanitize and maintain holding tanks and care for live animals as required
    •    Complete all documentation associated with any of the above job duties
5.    May also be required to perform other duties as assigned.


High School Diploma is required
Any suitable combination of education and experience will be considered.

High Demand IT Specialized Skills

Platform Knowledge

Preferred knowledge, skills or abilities

  • Operate and use all grooming tools and equipment including bathing tubs, brushes, combs, scissors, clippers, dryers, and bathing products such as perfumed shampoo and soaps
  • Communicate effectively with Associates and customers
  • Display compassion with animals and treat them accordingly
  • Exhibit attention to detail
  • Read, write and count to accurately complete all documentation
  • Problem solving skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to resolve issues ethically and with minimal conflict.


Working Conditions

  • Working environment is favorable, generally working inside with moderate noise.
  • Exposure to sharp grooming instruments, perfumed shampoos and soaps, pets, and pet waste.
  • Exposure to wet conditions, particularly when bathing dogs.
  • Exposure to cats and dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments.
  • Work shifts vary from one store to another, but generally are no less than 4 hours and may exceed 8 hours
  • Promote a safe and productive work environment for Team Members and customers and adhere to Company safety training and guidelines

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to move and transfer live animals, equipment, and merchandise weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to stand and maintain a stationary position for up to 8 hours while grooming animals.
  • Ability to frequently move for 4-8 hours per day around the salon to groom animals, clean, and maintain the salon.
  • Ability to utilize grooming instruments including shears and dryers.
  • Ability to occasionally lift or reach merchandise overhead.
  • Ability to bend, kneel, and squat frequently to position oneself to groom animals, clean shelves, and stock merchandise and equipment.
  • Ability to constantly operate store equipment such as computer, cash register, and other store equipment.
  • Ability to read, write, and count accurately to complete all documentation.
  • Ability to utilize strong written and verbal communication skills to communicate effectively with team members and customers.


This job description represents an overview of the responsibilities for the above referenced position. It is not intended to represent a comprehensive list of responsibilities. A team member should perform all duties as assigned by his/her supervisor.



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